Our Success

Video Testimonials


  • Sixteen Israeli startups participated in FIBA’s 2017 and 2018 programs.
  • WeissBeerger was acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beer brewer.
  • StemRad established N. America headquarters in Tampa and hired Tampa-based employees following a $6 million investment from Tampa investors.
  • StemRad also met its key advisor and individual investor to accelerate R&D of medical product and a US home for initial pilots at Tampa General Hospital.
  • eProc Solutions signed its first contract with a US customer, a global corporation headquartered in Tampa, providing services to Global 2000 companies. eProc Solutions completed POCs with over 10 additional potential customers.
  • Tevatronic secured a pilot project with the largest commercial grower of strawberries in Florida and is currently in discussions with a key strategic partner to expand sales throughout the US.
  • Econcrete is working with the Port of Tampa on a pilot project and hired a local sales representative and key strategic advisor, after trying unsuccessfully to break into the Florida market.
  • GlobeKeeper had a successful joint pilot with the local police and sheriff departments and has hired a Florida-based sales representatives to cultivate over a dozen opportunities facilitated through the FIBA program.
  • UC-Care has gained the priceless advice and mentorship of a former US President of an Israeli medical device company, and has sold multiple medical device systems through introductions made by the FIBA team.
  • Strategic partnership with US SOCOM and exclusive access to internal technology collaboration platform.
  • Support and incentives from State and County agencies.
  • Strong, committed, and passionate network who opens doors, mentors, and nurtures.
  • Collaboration with University of South Florida, Univeristy of Florida and University of Tampa for programming, networking and interns.