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Tampa Bay Lightning, Chairman & Governor

Jeff Vinik

“I am pleased to see FIBA being recognized by Governor Scott for the good work they are doing to bring innovative Israeli companies to Tampa Bay.  FIBA and its participating companies, including StemRad, are an impactful addition to our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.”


Tampa General Hospital, Associate Director of Emerging Tech and Health Innovation

Jason Swoboda

“One of the great things about working with FIBA is being able to have a partner to help weed through some of the extraneous companies that come out of the woodwork – that’s very vital.”


Jabil, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Michelle Penman

“FIBA has linked us to some startup companies in order to establish partnerships as part of our enterprise technology strategy.”


City of Fort Lauderdale, Citywide Economic & Business Development Manager

Michael CHen

“The Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach Metropolitan area is the perfect environment for our successful collaboration for FIBA, and is a large and fertile market for Israel’s new technology.”

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FloridaFunders copy

Florida Funders, Partner

Marc Blumenthal

“In less than one year, FIBA has become one of the highest quality programs in Florida and clearly unique in its approach.  I have personally invested in one of the companies and believe that Tampa Bay will become U.S. headquarters to many Israeli companies over the next few years.  The economic and quality of life impact to our region will be changed for the better as a result of what FIBA is doing.”

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USF, MUMA College of Business Dean

Dr. Moez Limayem

“FIBA is quickly becoming a major facilitator of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Tampa Bay area. I’ve come to witness firsthand the work that this extremely successful accelerator does in helping Israeli and Tech ventures in our area.”


FIBA Health-tech Executive Advisor

Kim Stebbings

“It is rare to work with a group of people that sincerely want to be helpful to Israeli startups. FIBA is recognized as a high-quality accelerator that brings Israeli companies with significant value to Florida. I believe FIBA has really made its mark on Tampa, including other communities like Naples, Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Orlando.”

Israeli Alumni Companies:


Uniper-Care Technologies, Co-Founder and CEO

Rami Kirshblum

“If you are a startup that wants access to various customers and investors, and if you are looking to accelerate your startup, this is the place to go. Go to FIBA, I highly recommend it.”


ArTack, Co-Founder and CEO

Ziv Tamir

“I really enjoy being here and am considering moving to Tampa, I’ve learned it is a very active area for medical device companies. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas during the FIBA program. I know now that before I arrived here I didn’t have a clue about how business works in the US and now I feel that I know a lot.”

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Milagro AI, Co-Founder and CEO

Amit May-dan

“There are a lot of startup programs out there… I think that the FIBA program was way, way better than anything and everything that we’ve done so far.”


WizeCare, Founder and CEO

Roy Shteren

“I had the chance to participate in 2 accelerator programs in the US, ICONYC Labs and Plug and Play, and I can definitely say, the FIBA program was the most substantial, productive and valuable for me and my company, by far!”

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Stemrad, Co-Founder and CEO

Oren Milstein

“Not only did they (FIBA) deliver on their promise, they also provided a soft landing for my company. They also introduced me and my team to key people… We now consider Florida our home. We find the people very friendly and the lifestyle appealing”

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Weissbeerger Beverage Analytics Director of Operations, North America

Bob Reish

“FIBA introduced us to large restaurant and bars chains headquartered in Florida and to other major players in the food & beverage industry. While the sales process is long, we feel that the FIBA team is by our side providing advice and guidance on how to follow-up and progress with these large accounts. The Innovation Fusion event exposed us to the Tampa community who appears to be welcoming and eager to help.”

headshot of oleg

Tevatronic, Founder and CEO

Oleg Korol

“The program included workshops and one-on-one sessions with top-notch professionals who helped us formulate and improve our sales process. The FIBA team and their network setup meeting with real customers, distributors and potential partners and helped us with follow-ups and advice as we went through the sales process. The team and the community in Tampa are highly motivated and dedicated to make each startup succeed.”

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BlazePodLogo 1024x1024_new

Blazepod, Founder and CEO

Yaniv Shneiderman

“FIBA helped us better understand the US market, learn who might be our most relevant customers and what can be the right penetration strategy for BlazePod. FIBA is like having a partner in the US who will open doors for you and help you make progress at every stage.”

WiseShelf_Shalom Nakdimon_WEB

Wiseshelf, Founder and CEO

Shalom Nakdimon

“The magic of FIBA is the commitment of the community to help the startups. You come to the US and immediately feel at home. If you are looking for a smoother start in the US, FIBA could save you priceless time.”


ECOncrete, Regional Manager

John Luetzow

“We joined the FIBA program to assist in launching our technology in the US. The FIBA team introduced us to key local individuals and influencers that helped shape our go-to-market strategy in the Florida market and beyond. While our sales process can be lengthy, we feel that the FIBA team is by our side providing advice and guidance.”


Nucleon, Director of Sales

Roy Heller

“FIBA is a great partner to have. The FIBA team and the FIBA network go out of their way to make new introductions for Nucleon. They are fully committed to Israeli start-ups.”



Tomer Schatzberger

“FIBA’s program and dedicated team are playing an important role in UC-CARE’s effort to grow its business in the USA. From the initial participation in the 2nd cohort we worked together to strengthen our marketing and sales capabilities in the USA. FIBA through its network and colleagues has opened doors for UC-CARE with potential customers from academic centers, hospital chains and private practices, and helped us complete our first sales in Florida. In addition, FIBA is helping us to open our local US office in Tampa and is continuously supporting our efforts with good advice and valuable mentoring.”

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