An encrypted communication platform centered around an intuitive collaboration interface, GlobeKeeper utilizes standard equipment to create a secure, end-to-end solution that keeps security personnel safe, reduces costs, and enhances decision making capabilities.

The Problem: Law Enforcement forces are currently using obsolete equipment, which is not secure and put them in danger.

The Solution: GlobeKeeper is a tactical and strategic operational platform that introduces military-grade security and encryption into civilian communication devices, elevating familiar personal communication features to mission-critical standards. GlobeKeeper enables users to transmit live video and streaming, share files, text messages and pictures – all in real time and in a secure environment while using the iPhones, Androids and tablets they already have.

The Technology: GlobeKeeper harnesses the most advanced encryption and exchange protocols in the industry. By integrating existing hardware, cameras, GPS devices, and other Bluetooth-enabled hardware with secure communication protocols, GlobeKeeper transforms them into essential resources for mission operations, case management, and resource control. With 1-click installation, an intuitive interface, and user-friendly design, GlobeKeeper guarantees to have security teams up-and-running quickly. Plus, because the agents are able to operate with their own familiar mobile devices, training time is minimized and focus remains on the mission at hand.


CEO: Dan Peleg

Quote from Rachel Feinman: “We are excited to bring GlobeKeeper to Tampa at a time when safety and security is such a hot topic. We trust the GlobeKeeper platform can bring real value to first responders at the government and commercial level.”