Through scientific breakthrough and innovation, StemRad has made wearable personal radiation protection devices, making the lives of Physicians, Astronauts, First Responders, and Nuclear Industry Workers safer while they complete their critical tasks without compromising mobility.

The Problem: When exposed to high doses of radiation, the most common cause of death is damage to the bone marrow, the body’s blood source, while low doses of radiation can cause cancer.

The Solution: StemRad’s solution is to selectively protect stem cells in body’s largest reservoir of bone marrow – the hip region. Competing whole body solutions offer little to no protection from penetrating radiation such as gamma rays as they would have to weigh a quarter of a ton to do so. To supplement this protection, StemRad offers innovative measures to protect the stem cells present in other sensitive tissues.


StemRad 360 Gamma for First Responders: a wearable shield to protect first responders from potentially lethal effects of gamma radiation. Prior solutions did not offer mobility and protection at this level.

StemRad 360 Gamma for the nuclear industry, shield Reactor Personnel from gamma radiation. Worn around the pelvic area and supported by an ergonomic harness, the 360 Gamma enables both mobility and protection so that nuclear workers are able to perform their work safely and efficiently. The nuclear industry faces a variety of internal and external threats that could result in high dose exposure to gamma radiation.

StremRad 360 Gamma radiation shield provides necessary protection for Military Personnel performing mission-critical tasks while operating in the most dangerous chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense environments. On the front lines of battle or while protecting the Homeland, military combatants may be exposed to harmful gamma radiation in a variety of scenarios including: Nuclear weapon detonation, radiological dispersal device (RDD) and nuclear reactor operations.

Lastly, StemRad 360 Gamma radiation shield can be used to protect everyday Civilians too, in the case of a radiological accident or attack, which could occur in our lifetime.

StemRad AstroRad for Astronauts: personal protective equipment for astronauts to wear beyond low Earth orbit (LEO) that reduces Radiation Exposure Induced Death (REID) such as cancer while eliminating the possibility of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) due to solar particle events (SPE). StemRad AstroRad was co-developed with Lockheed Martin, and is an extension of the StemRad 360 Gamma technology.

StemRad MD exoskeleton for Physicians: x-ray protective solution offering full protection with full mobility, superior to the typical lead shields which are heavy and do not offer essential radiation protection leaving certain areas exposed like the head and face.

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