Safe-T Data is the provider of solutions designed to mitigate attacks on business-critical services and data for a wide range of industries, including: financial, healthcare, government, etc. Safe-T’s High-risk Data Security (HDS) Solution mitigates data threats: un-authorized access to data, services, networks, or APIs; as well as data related threats, including data exfiltration, leakage, malware, ransomware, and fraud.

Industry Applications: Healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail, government, education, manufacturing, law firms, defense & law enforcement.

Company Objectives: Safe-T is a cyber-security company dedicated to preventing unauthorized access and use of high-threat services and data, inside and outside the organization perimeter. Enterprises and businesses around the world trust Safe-T®’s High-threat Data Security solution to secure their data, applications, and networks from insider and external data threats.


Company Size: 37

CEO: Shachar Daniel. Shachar Daniel is the CEO at Safe-T and one of its co-founders. Mr. Daniel brings to Safe-T more than 10 years of experience in various managerial roles in operations and project management. Prior to joining Safe-T, he was program manager at Prime-sense, Head of operations project managers at Logic and Project manager at Elbit systems. Mr. Daniel is an experienced operations manager with passion and high commitment for projects delivery. Mr. Daniel holds a B.Sc. in Industrial engineer from Holon Institute Technology and MBA from the college of management academic studies in Israel.

Quote from CEO: “Safe-T is excited to work with FIBA. We look forward to learning from the vast experience of the FIBA team and network and to establishing Safe-T and its cyber security solutions in the Florida business market.”

Quote from Jack Ross: “Safe-T has joined the FIBA PowerConnect program, a program designed for mature startups who are looking to expand their business in the US. We believe in the Safe-T team and their cyber security solutions and are certain they can benefit the technology eco-system in Tampa Bay.”