Fieldbit was acquired by Help Lightning November 2021.

Fieldbit provides enterprise-grade collaboration software solutions for field service workers and equipment manufacturers, leveraging augmented reality. This innovative software enables remote experts to send precise visual instructions to field technicians using real-time augmented reality, live video, messaging and voice. This platform allows enterprises to create, capture, and share knowledge across the entire organization.

The Problem: Downtime of assets, multidisciplinary assets require different technicians’ skill sets, aging workforce leaving with a wealth of knowledge, lack of hands-free access to service knowledge.

The Solution: Fieldbit provides a collaboration software solution with knowledge capture and management. Using live video and an online AR editor, remote experts can send precise visual instructions to field technicians or users, guiding them through a problem resolution cycle.

Fieldbit in the news: 

June 2019 “How Augmented Reality is Transforming the Oil Industry” – Media Line.

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