Wasteless provides a real-time dynamic pricing engine for perishable food sold at grocery stores. The system reduces food waste and increases revenue by optimizing markdowns, accelerating the emptying of shelves and decreasing food disposal and the cost associated with it. The Problem: The value of a food item decreases as it gets closer to its expiration date, yet the price remains the same. There is no incentive for consumers to choose that item over a later expiring product. The Solution: Wasteless has developed an innovative Continue reading →


Vorpal provides an accurate drone awareness picture enabling organizations to monitor and respond to drones’ activities, relevant for Aviation, UTM and Military markets. VigilAir is Vorpal’s state-of-the-art drone detection, geolocation and tracking solution. It provides a unique drone aerial situational awareness picture with extremely high accuracy and great clarity to locate hostile drones. The Problem: Commercial drones are a major disruption to the security, aviation safety, homeland security and military sectors, with no solution or adequate infrastructure to enable the widespread use of commercial drones. Continue reading →


VideoTherapy is a data-driven clinically proven remote physical therapy platform that transfers the physical therapy session to the patient's home (tele-rehab). Adoption of this solution can address certain challenges with cost and compliance for providers by allowing therapists to build personalized step by step adaptive training for a wide variety of causes and for patients to gain maximum training efficiency. The motion tracking technology allows therapists to track the patients’ training and progress wherever they are, start a video chat with one click and enable Continue reading →


SiteAware (Founded 2015) offers quality assurance and progress monitoring for buildings and high rises. The technology will help Construction Companies, Owners and Real-Estate Developers to meet project budget, timelines, quality and safety. SiteAware has turned off-the-shelf consumer drones into autonomous high accuracy, high performance construction robots. Using computer vision and AI, this platform can focus on construction execution automation and keeps tabs on analytics and insights to transform construction into a manufacturing process. The Problem: Improved productivity could save $1.2 trillion in construction jobsite execution Continue reading →


Routier provides hospitality entities (Hotels, Airlines, Cruises) with unparalleled AI Operations and Marketing solutions (via seamless guest engagement) founded on guest-centric and staff-centric methodologies to improve brand reputation, optimize venue and staff performance, increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, and maximize yield by meeting and exceeding every expectation of your guest. The Problem: Inefficient and ineffective communication between guests and hotel staff and operational processes inside the hotel result in poor customer reviews. 1% decrease on Trip Advisor ranking translates to 11% reduction in direct booking. Continue reading →


QinFlow offers next-generation blood and IV fluid warming solution for the entire continuum of emergency care (field and hospitals). The technology has given the capability to simply and efficiently heat blood, plasma or other fluids at the site of the injury for immediate transfusion which will result in countless lives saved. The Problem: Trauma and hypothermia is a lethal combination, but administering Blood / IV fluids at body temperature is complicated: - Pre-hospital solutions struggle to perform - Hospital solutions lack portability and are often Continue reading →


Physimax empowers individuals to improve performance and reduce injury risk using objective, data-driven musculoskeletal evaluation utilizing cloud-based technology.  Their cloud service automatically measures and scores mobility, stability, strength, and movement control according to evidence-based body movement patterns by real time marker-less 2D/3D computer vision analysis, providing data-driven, population specific, comparable scores accompanied with actionable, personalized workout programs. Their wellness and performance program will work with sports-medicine clinics, performance centers, digital wellness platforms and digital fitness platforms, who can add a digital component to their offering Continue reading →


NeuroApplied allows you to meet your brand, know exactly how it looks and feels, and create a powerful brand for sustainable growth. The technology measures subconscious brand perception for better positioning and messaging. This will allow you to create an effective brand for sustainable growth through the ability to “personify” your brand with characteristics and behavior, predict competitors and identify opportunities and drive actionable recommendations for crafting your brand’s creative story. The Problem: Perception surveys are biased, causing wrong positioning strategy and wasted media funds Continue reading →

MedFlyt LLC

MedFlyt offers a cloud-based platform and mobile app that changes the way home health care agencies are matching caregivers with patients at home and managing the routine tasks of the caregivers. It simplifies the staffing process using a web-based platform for agencies to better staff patients and help caregivers through real-time alerts for new opportunities to increase their income. The Problem: Home Health Agencies have a hard time to staff patients with caregivers. Caregivers have a hard time getting cases from agencies. The management of Continue reading →


Fieldbit provides enterprise-grade collaboration software solutions for field service workers and equipment manufacturers, leveraging augmented reality. This innovative software enables remote experts to send precise visual instructions to field technicians using real-time augmented reality, live video, messaging and voice. This platform allows enterprises to create, capture, and share knowledge across the entire organization. The Problem: Downtime of assets, multidisciplinary assets require different technicians' skill sets, aging workforce leaving with a wealth of knowledge, lack of hands-free access to service knowledge. The Solution: Fieldbit provides a Continue reading →
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