Apply to FIBA Digital Health Partner Program

To be eligible for our services, an Israeli-based startup has to apply, be selected and complete participation in one of our programs.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2021 Digital Health Partner Program with Tampa General Hospital (TGH). If your company has a solution to one of the challenges defined by our partner, please complete the application below. Our partner will select up to 10 companies for the program. These companies will be competing for a paid pilot with TGH

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We are looking for Israeli Innovation for the Outpatient Physician Office in the following areas:

  • Operational Efficiency: Ways to shorten or eliminate the manual administrative tasks of procuring and recording patient billing information and provider authorization both prior to and after the physician visit. (Clinical workflow)
  • Quality of Care Impact: Ways to provide the physician with more detailed, current, accurate and wholistic patient health information (PHI) prior to the visit. (Big data)
  • Provider Burnout Reduction / Communication Overload: Ways to reduce the administrative time and activities that clinical physician office staff perform daily (clinical workflow)
  • Exam Room Automation: Ways to improve throughput or efficiency of the exam room with cutting edge technology in the physical room. (NLP, Sensors, Computer vision with AI, IoT, NOT RPM)

*Application is now closed. If you feel you feel you have missed the deadline, or have any questions, please contact