XTEND Reality Expansions Ltd. uses advanced Virtual Reality and Drone technology to build products for Public Safety, Defense and Industrial Inspection markets. The technology enables humans to extend themselves into the action, or to ‘virtually sit’ inside the drone for various tactical missions, for both indoor and outdoor uses. For pleasure, the technology can also gamify real-life activities.

The Problem:The future of warfare and public safety is unmanned. The industry is currently going into fully autonomous machines that are not as reliable as human control.

The Solution: For indoor use, XTEND drones allow super easy, zero training time flight that allow the user to ‘virtually sit’ inside the drone for various tactical missions (police officers to clear buildings, chase runs, fire fighters inspection, security guards flight patrol, etc. the sky is the limit).

For outdoor use, XTEND is building an ‘iron-man’ concept suite that allow soldiers and other security personnel to inspect aerial target from up-close using high speed drones (up to 150 mph). The system is mobile, wearable and fully operated using VR headsets and control (no sticks) to allow anyone to fly it instantly.


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