UC-Care develops, manufactures and sells medical devices for urologists. UC-Care created two products:  1) Navigo System, a fusion navigation system for prostate biopsies. 2) SmartBx System – prostate biopsy preserving download device.

The Problem: Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men in the US after skin cancer. Currently, biopsies for prostate cancer are done with the guidance of an ultrasound, which offers inadequate visibility in addition to inability to identify the exact location of the pathology. Biopsies are known to have side effects and can be inaccurate.

The Solution: UC-Care developed a unique, patented diagnostic system aimed to improve detection and treatment procedures of prostate cancer. The unique system improves visibility and accuracy and as a result can minimize side effects resulting from biopsies or treatment.

1) Navigo is a patented MRI 4D fusion-targeted biopsy system, improving prostate cancer detection by combining MRI and Ultrasound in real-time.  2) SmartBx is a one-of-a-kind biopsy specimen management system demonstrating 25% increase in cancer detection and cancer localization. By using a digital sensor, it digitizes the prostate biopsy assigning a digital signature (fingerprint) to each specimen. Both products are FDA-approved.


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