Our Programs

Programs with purpose.

Take your company from startup to success story.

We are not your typical accelerator. Our programs are uniquely designed for experienced entrepreneurs with proven technology, seed funding and resources, and established plans to launch in U.S.

Speed up market validation, refine your sales, and marketing strategies, and gain access to U.S. customer, strategic partners and investors.

Our target industries


Digital health, health and wellness monitoring tech, medical devices


Real estate, construction solutions, smart city technologies


Solutions for labor and supply chain challenges


New crops, robots, drones, artificial intelligence for farm/field efficiencies


Athlete development/monitoring, smart stadiums, health & fitness, fan engagement 


Cyber solutions for MSSPs, Government agencies and enterprise.

Acceleration Services

Launching your technology in a new market is complicated. FIBA can help expedite your time to market by helping you find your initial US-based customers. Once you have a track record in the US, customer acquisition can become easier, and investors will be more inclined to consider your company. Israeli companies that have identified Florida as a target market for their technology, have a market-ready product in one if our target industries and have allocated resources for their activities in the US market are good candidates for our acceleration services. Our services are offered at no upfront cost. For any successful deal that FIBA helped facilitate, FIBA will receive a commission based on the value of the gross sale.


Relocation Services

Ready to open a US base of operations? Companies that are in the process of opening a base of operation in Florida can get assistance from FIBA with the logistical and administrative tasks involved in the process at no cost.

Our team and network of service providers will provide guidance on incorporation, tax and legal issues, office space leasing, talent recruitment, lead generation, and — most important — setting up an efficient operation that will support U.S. customers. By avoiding common pitfalls and establishing a solid foundation, we will increase the probability of your success in the U.S. market.


Opportunities to present to our industry partners. See current and past program.

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