Partner Programs


Partner Programs

Starting in 2020, FIBA offers Israeli startups an opportunity to participate in a program anchored by a Florida-based industry partner.

FIBA works with the partners to identify 1-3 unique problems and then scouts for Israeli startups with cutting edge solutions to the defined problem/s.

FIBA facilitates the application process and preliminary screening and the partner selects the companies they want to hear from.

Companies selected by the partner are required to participate in an 8-week program which includes weekly workshops and culminates in a presentation to the partner and additional pitch opportunities to investors and other partners. Currently these programs are offered virtually.

Past Projects:

Establishing a US Office

Ready to open a US base of operations? Companies that have completed participation in a FIBA program and are interested in opening a base in Florida, FIBA will assist with the logistical and administrative tasks involved in the process.

Our team and network of service providers will provide guidance on incorporation, tax and legal issues, office space leasing, talent recruitment, lead generation, and — most important — setting up an efficient operation that will support U.S. customers. By avoiding common pitfalls and establishing a solid foundation, we will increase the probability of your success in the U.S. market.