Corporate Partners

Your company’s passport to global innovation.

We connect your company to high-performing Israeli technology companies in order to address and solve your most challenging problems while helping more startups enter the U.S. market successfully.

Outsource your innovation

Large corporations have difficulty fostering innovation in-house, but have an inherent need to stay current in an ever-changing and competitive market place. Expand your company’s R&D capabilities by tapping into one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Why Israel?

Why Israel innovation icon

Israel’s “high-risk, high-reward” culture and high R&D budget promotes innovation

Why Israel startups sold icon

$6 billion worth of Israeli startups sold in 2017

Why Israel highest number of startups in the world icon

Israel has the highest number of startups per capita in the world

Join these companies already benefiting from their corporate partnership with FIBA.

Together, we make Florida a premiere destination for innovation.

Corporate Partners participate in our cohort screening process, sit on the advisory board, work closely and exclusively with the selected startup who offer solutions for their business problem, and have early access to high-growth Israeli ventures for investment, partnership, licensing or acquisition.

Corporate partners are invited to exclusive FIBA events, expert panels and ideation sessions. In addition we have several naming opportunities and recognition opportunities on the FIBA website, on-site, on marketing collateral and at events.

  • Tap into Startup Nation innovation.
  • Work with the most talented entrepreneurs in the world focused on solutions in your industry.
  • Increase your brand awareness through marketing and public relations.
  • Take part in our business community development by contributing to an ever-growing and “vibrant startup” ecosystem in the state of Florida.
  • Address the true need for your companies through innovation.
  • Put your company at the forefront of emerging technologies.
  • Gain access to high growth potential future customers.
  • Meet top tier talent in your field of expertise.
  • Join other sponsors and affiliates in our network.

Become a Corporate Partner

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