Tourism & Hospitality Program


In 2022-23 FIBA is committed to helping Florida’s #1 industry address its main challenge: labor shortage. FIBA will curate Israeli innovation that can create operational efficiencies, automate tasks and connect between employers and employees and operators and their customers using robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. FIBA is building a network of hospitality industry partners such as restaurant groups and hotels that are actively looking for solutions and are open to adopting technology. The partners get exposed to cutting edge solutions and indirectly contribute to the economic development of Florida.

Become a partner.

If you are an executive with experience in the hospitality industry and would like to evaluate new technologies and mentor tech startups. Become an advisor.

Israeli companies with innovative solutions specific to labor shortages will receive opportunities to present their tech to decision makers at Florida’s top restaurants and hotels. If you are an Israeli startup with a solution relevant to the hospitality industry, please complete our online application. Meet our hospitality companies.

Read the news about our hospitality events:


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