Nucleon Cyber


Using innovative tools Nucleon Cyber is the next generation of collecting and analyzing cyber threats. Nucleon constantly monitors attacks coming from professional hackers, governments and other highly skilled professionals that might cause significant damage to networks. By alerting about the source of these attacks Nucleon enables you to block the attacks before they get into your networks.

The Problem: Cyber Threats are growing every day and cyber attacks become more common and more powerful.

The Solution: Nucleon is based on innovative technology with tools built to work autonomously on the internet, identifying and learning the most dangerous threats 24×7. Nucleon offers the most comprehensive botnet solution available today. Based on 3 patents, Nucleon is able to alert and take action against upcoming botnet attacks before they happen.

The Technology: Polymorphic technology allows Nucleon to stay invisible to attackers. When sensors detect it’s time to transform they automatically transform into a different look & feel making detection of look and feel harder to detect. Attack Predictions – using patent pending technology, Botnet attack impact on networks being attacked can be estimated before the attack reaches the gateways.


Company size: 20

CEO: Moran Zavdi

Quote from CEO: “Nucleon is looking forward to entering the US market and hoping to use the FIBA expertise and knowledge to penetrate the US market.”

Quote from Rachel Feinman: “With so much activity in the cyber security space these days, we continue to pursue companies that bring unique solutions to the cyber threat that applies to all industries. We selected Nucleon because they have shown some early traction and are exploring Florida as their base for their US operation.”