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The deal market is competitive – finding quality investment opportunities is hard. When you invest in a FIBA company, you are investing in experienced entrepreneurs educated by top Israeli universities, trained by the Israeli Defense Force, and nurtured by some of the best mentors in the industry. Your investment helps to bring this exceptional talent into Florida’s business economy. 

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Why invest in a FIBA company?

Our companies are hand-picked by a team of subject-matter-experts for their market readiness and product-market fit, and have been coached and paired with local experts in their industry to drive market traction.

Private sector and angel investors return on investment when investing in Israeli tech startups is proven to be very lucrative.

  • Angel Investors have seen 10 to 30 times returns within three years or less, which is far faster than the five to seven years for U.S. companies reported by CB Insights.
  • Israeli startups were acquired at a faster pace than ever, with an average exit in 3.95 years, according to data collected by the Dow Jones VentureSource.
  • In 2015, 96 Israeli high-tech and startup companies were sold for a total of $9.02 billion while eight more companies had IPOs. (Israel-based IVC Research Center)
group of entrepreneurs discussing idea with investors

There is a lot of excitement around the wealth of innovation and success happening in Israel, but actually accessing opportunities out of Israel is difficult, if not impossible, for most U.S. investors. FIBA breaks through the geographic, cultural and language barriers to connect great companies with great investors. We do the work so you don’t have to—we spend countless hours through our focused and detailed recruitment and application process identifying some of the best companies Israel has to offer and selecting those who best fit the Florida market.

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