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There is a lot of excitement around the wealth of innovation and success happening in Israel, but actually accessing opportunities out of Israel is difficult, if not impossible, for most U.S. investors. FIBA breaks through the geographic, cultural and language barriers to connect great companies with great investors. We do the work so you don’t have to—we spend countless hours through our focused and detailed recruitment and application process identifying some of the best companies Israel has to offer and selecting those who best fit the Florida market.

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Why invest in a FIBA company?

Our companies are hand-picked by a team of subject-matter-experts for their market readiness and product-market fit, and have been coached and paired with local experts in their industry to drive market traction.

Private sector and angel investors return on investment when investing in Israeli tech startups is proven to be very lucrative. Read about Israel’s startup ecosystem’s “record year” in 2020, published by here. 

  • Seed-stage startups in Israel tend to have lower valuations than similarly situated US startups.  The median valuation of a seed-stage Israeli startup is approximately $1.86 million, while their American counterparts have an average $6 million valuation.
  • Typically, it takes less time to exit (M&A or IPO) for Israeli startups (7.29 years) than for their US startup counterparts (8.32 years).
  • On average, Israeli startups offer a higher IRR (51.90%) than their US startup counterparts (29.01%).
*Data compiled by investor Fan Wen in 2019 reviewing similarly situated US and Israeli early-stage startups picked from among a uniform set of verticals covering years 2010-2018. IVC-Meitar 2019 Israeli Tech Exits Report & Pitchbook Data
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