Milagro AI


Milagro AI has reinvented the way that Artificial Intelligence is applied to predictive analytics in healthcare & how hospitals can easily leverage existing knowledge (data), making the process real-time, contextual based, faster, more accurate and population specific.

The Problem: Milagro AI was founded to address the ongoing problems of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and Readmissions, issues that cause significant morbidity and mortality for patients, and increase the cost of care for hospitals.

The Solution:The MilagroAI Analytics Platform consists of proprietary and patented technology that in real-time, extract, structure, clean and combine both textual and structured data and then use that data to automate complex algorithms. Leveraging the breakthrough contextual driven technology the system can automate algorithms for multiple use cases simultaneously. MilagroAI is then able to apply AI technology to develop new population specific predictive algorithms using relatively small data sets in days.

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