Our Network

Join us at the forefront of global innovation.

Our mission works because of our strong network of corporate partners, sponsors, investors, and advisors. And our network prospers when we succeed.

Ready to get in on the action?

Your contribution of time and resources ensures that the state of Florida continues to emerge as a primary destination for tech startups that can grow our economy while giving you and your company access to some cutting-edge innovation, dynamic new perspectives and growth opportunities.

We have a number of ways for companies and individuals to get involved.

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Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners have access to the most cutting-edge technology and some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.

Direct industry input helps our Israeli companies streamline products into existing production-lines, shorten time to market and lower costs.


Sponsoring FIBA is sponsoring the growing economy of Florida. When you support FIBA, you help the state of Florida achieve increased national and global visibility and reputation for innovation.


Fund the technology and solutions that will drive the future’s most important industries.


Work directly with the FIBA Launch participants to enhance their skills and knowledge, while connecting with some of the brightest minds entering the technology sector today.

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