ECOncrete developed a revolutionary science-based approach to eco-engineering of coastal and marine infrastructure, providing robust, cost-efficient concrete solutions for the ever-growing global climate change threats such as sea-level rise and superstorms. ECOncrete mission is to change the way our future coastlines look and function, through a suite of proprietary bio-enhancing concrete products and designs that increase the ecological value of breakwaters, seawalls, pier piles and alike, while improving their structural performance.

The Problem: To date, urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure have been designed and built with little or no environmental considerations leading to a high ecological footprint of structures like ports, marinas, waterfronts and coastal defense schemes. Current “gray” designs lead to poor biological performance associated with mitigation penalties, environmental problems as well as operational and financial burdens.

The Solution: ECOncrete technologies provide a win-win solution that reduces the ecological footprint, reduces mitigation requirements, facilitates permitting, and reduces maintenance costs through Bioprotection generated by healthy and diverse flora and fauna. ECOncrete provides robust, cost-effective construction solutions that are designed to decrease the ecological footprint of concrete structures like ports, breakwaters, piers, and building facades while contributing to their longevity.

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