Uniper-Care is an accessible tech-enabled program empowering older adults with the ability to remain at home independent, socially & physically active, healthier & happier, in an affordable way.

The Problem: As the world is aging, healthcare costs are rising. Older adults suffer from many unmet needs; social, mental, and physical, leading to higher cost compared to any other age segment. Traditional care delivery models are mostly too late, too expensive and with limited engagement among older population.

The Solution: Uniper’s program provides older adults with a daily schedule where they can join live and interactive programs; mental, social and physical meetings and sessions all accessible through any TV-set. The schedule includes a wide variety of programs; daily exercises to help reduce falls, group positive thinking session, morning yoga, afternoon community meetups and evening mindfulness. Each participant is located at the comfort of his/her home and can see and talk with other participants.


Fox News coverage on YouTube about Uniper Care – Watch here.

Read about their December 2020 partnership with Sunflower Health Plan here. 

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