How execs from Waze and will ignite the crowd at Innovation Fusion

Last week we were proud to announce our keynote speakers for this year’s Innovation Fusion event. This week we want to dive deeper into their backgrounds and why we’re so thrilled to have them grace our stage this June.Aron Di Castro has been with Google since 2008, and has been leading global business development and partnerships at Waze since April 2017. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that was developed in Israel and was acquired by Google for a record $1 billion. Throughout Continue reading →

FIBA Welcomes the last four companies of its 2018 program…

Joining the first four Israeli companies, BetterCare, ECOncrete, Nucleon, and UC-Care, FIBA rounds out the 2nd cohort for the 2018 program. With companies offering digital security, wearables, retail inventory management, and predictive analytics technologies, these four companies bring a lot to the table. GlobeKeeper developed an encrypted communication platform centered around an intuitive collaboration interface to create a secure, end-to-end solution that keeps security personnel safe, reduces costs, and enhances decision making capabilities, using standard equipment. “We are excited to bring GlobeKeeper to Tampa at Continue reading →


Leveraging state of the art human predictive analytics, Intervyo is the first and most advanced interview simulation engine in the world, capable of screening candidates, and accurately predict their suitability for the job. The problem: Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for any company, but especially for companies with high turnover rate. Recruitment costs are high and placing the wrong candidate can result in additional loss of productivity. The solution: The Intervyo solution allows companies to invite all their candidates for an automated Continue reading →


Say is an engagement platform and a powerful communication system that makes events successful. Say offers engagement, gamification, and meaningful networking using Bluetooth Low Energy responsive tags with an HD screen, that integrates with existing event-apps, providing enhanced experience and data collection. The problem: Event organizers spend a lot of money in order to engage their audience and to deliver the best ROI to each of their stakeholders - sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. They currently use beacons, scanners and more expensive tools that are difficult to Continue reading →


WiseShelf transforms existing shelves into a dynamic inventory management solution for retailers. Using low cost hardware and a sophisticated software, WiseShelf helps stores to manage inventory and fulfill online orders. The Problem: ‘Out of stock’ (OOS) situations cost retailers $550 billion in lost sales annually. OOS leads to 4% in loss of sales. In 1/3 of OOS situations, the product is in the store but not on the shelf. The Solution: The WiseShelf system prevents ‘out of stock’ situations by alerting when stock level gets Continue reading →

Meeting of the Minds

Next week‘s Meeting of the Minds event will take place on Wednesday, May 9th at 6pm at the FIBA office space and everyone is welcome. The event is sponsored by Cardinal Solutions, and this week we wanted to feature Liam Brien, who has been a regular Meeting of the Minds participant. Liam is a Senior IT Consultant at Cardinal Solutions, was born and raised in Israel and served in the military there. Six months after completing his service, he moved to the United States and Continue reading →

Innovation Fusion Success and Excitement

Innovation Fusion 2017 was a great success with over 300 attendants, a keynote presentation by Jeff Vinik, and an exciting portfolio of Israeli companies featured on stage. However, the real success of last year’s event was revealed in the months following the event, where true partnerships were established as a result of the personal exchange at Innovation Fusion. For StemRad, an innovator in the radiation protection field, a $6 million investment led by Jeff Vinik, renowned investor and Tampa Bay Lightning Chairman and Governor, resulted Continue reading →

StemRad is in the news again!

When FIBA took StemRad as one of its first cohorts in 2016, there was already a sense of excitement around the company. Founder, Oren Milstein, was on the fast track to innovation creating personal protection from radiation possible. Continuing their company’s impressive track record of accolades and accomplishments, StemRad received a $6 million investment from Tampa’s own Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightening. Additionally, Jack Ross former Executive Director of FIBA, has become the Vice President of North American Operations. The most recent notable Continue reading →

University of Tampa students lend their creativity to FIBA

We are so excited to be working with the brilliant and creative students at the University of Tampa under the skillful guidance of their professor, Jennifer Whelihan. The students at Jennifer’s public relations class have taken FIBA as a class project for the spring semester. They have conducted thorough research to understand FIBA’s goals and are in the process of developing a communication plan to help FIBA increase awareness and outreach in the Tampa market. In UT’s fashion, the class is small, so each student Continue reading →


An encrypted communication platform centered around an intuitive collaboration interface, GlobeKeeper utilizes standard equipment to create a secure, end-to-end solution that keeps security personnel safe, reduces costs, and enhances decision making capabilities. The Problem: Law Enforcement forces are currently using obsolete equipment, which is not secure and put them in danger. The Solution: GlobeKeeper is a tactical and strategic operational platform that introduces military-grade security and encryption into civilian communication devices, elevating familiar personal communication features to mission-critical standards. GlobeKeeper enables users to transmit live Continue reading →
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