Meeting of the Minds

Next week‘s Meeting of the Minds event will take place on Wednesday, May 9th at 6pm at the FIBA office space and everyone is welcome. The event is sponsored by Cardinal Solutions, and this week we wanted to feature Liam Brien, who has been a regular Meeting of the Minds participant. Liam is a Senior IT Consultant at Cardinal Solutions, was born and raised in Israel and served in the military there. Six months after completing his service, he moved to the United States and began his career in project management for various industries. For the past 18-months he has worked with Cardinal Solutions, a 500 consultant national agency offering innovative IT business solutions, such as Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Cloud Enablement, Mobile Application Development, and VR/MR/AR. Liam Brien, Cardinal SolutionsLiam learned about FIBA after he overheard Rakefet Bachur speaking Hebrew at a local BBQ restaurant. He reached out to say hi and Shana Tova and Rakefet invited him to attend the next Meeting of the Minds event. He has been involved ever since, not only attending events, but actively offering advice and hospitality to the Israeli entrepreneurs. “I love this low-key, casual, fun event where people are really getting to know each other and introducing each other to their respective cultures and companies,” says Liam. Meeting of the Minds is a bi-monthly FIBA event for young professionals. The goal of the events is to engage young professionals, who are interested in Israel, innovation, entrepreneurship and growing the business community in Tampa Bay, with Israeli entrepreneurs and innovation. The Israeli companies come to meet Tampa locals and to talk about their businesses in a relaxed environment. Through past events, connections were made, friendships were created and some business opportunities have developed. Light refreshments and drinks will be available. Register for the upcoming Meeting of the Mind event:

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