2018 Cohort Feature: UC-Care

What do you do with your knowledge of electromagnetic fields, GPS technology, warfare technology, and cryotherapy solutions for various conditions? You create technology to meet the needs of increasing life expectancy and higher percentages of disease occurrence. That is exactly what Shaike Schatzberger did when he founded UC-Care. Shaike Schatzberger is what his Sales Director, Amit Safir, describes as a serial entrepreneur. Someone who sees challenges and utilizes his expertise to figure out a solution. With a background in the military, in the Israeli Advanced Defense Systems, Shaike Schatzberger worked with machinery including GPS trackers for weapons, electromagnetic fields, and warfare technology. His main goal was to enable missiles to accurately hit their targets. But back then he didn’t realize that he would be doing the very same thing on a different scale just a short while later. Shaike set out to America on a sabbatical. It was on this sabbatical, working in the high-tech field , that he met other like-minded individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit he had. Through working in the medical technology arena, Shaike saw more and more men getting prostate cancer, as life expectancy continued to climb. However, the procedures for diagnosis and treating this cancer were very aggressive and had some lasting side-effects. It was then that Shaike set out to create smarter and more accurate method of diagnosis, which would allow better planning of less aggressive treatments, and thus less long-term side effects. This is how UC-Care was created. Utilizing the same location and positioning technology used in Airforce navigation, Navigo and SmartBx have revolutionized how physicians take images, plan for biopsies, place tracking devices and record samples. For Amit, the decision to move to Tampa for a month, to make connections for UC-Care, with his family was an easy one. The Tampa JCC has welcomed his two-year-old son to the Pre-School with open arms and the Tampa Jewish Community greeted the family with warmth. A Tampa community member has opened their home to the Safir family and has made sure they have experienced everything Tampa has to offer. Amit has been “overwhelmed by the care we’ve received since day one and I’m looking forward to connecting with Urologists, Pathologists, Pathology labs, and managed care experts in the area.”

Company’s representative in Tampa: Amit Safir, Director of Sales

As Amit tells me about the UC-Care products and how the company came to be, he makes sure to mention that he joined UC-Care because he knew that this technology could make a difference. This has become a hallmark of the Israeli cohorts that join FIBA. The goal of making a difference in the world. The need to connect their knowledge, education, and history, with a purpose. Approved in Europe and the United States by the FDA, UC-Care is poised to change the way our doctors treat and cure prostate cancer, which will allow patients to get on with their lives with minimal or no lasting side effects. And with that, Shaike Schatzberger, the serial entrepreneur, has taken army and warfare technology and transferred it into something that will help humankind.

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