University of Tampa students lend their creativity to FIBA

We are so excited to be working with the brilliant and creative students at the University of Tampa under the skillful guidance of their professor, Jennifer Whelihan.

The students at Jennifer’s public relations class have taken FIBA as a class project for the spring semester.

They have conducted thorough research to understand FIBA’s goals and are in the process of developing a communication plan to help FIBA increase awareness and outreach in the Tampa market.

In UT’s fashion, the class is small, so each student gets the full attention of the professor and is able to express their thoughts and ideas.

On Monday night, the students presented their preliminary ideas to Rakefet Bachur, FIBA’s Executive Director of Marketing.

Rakefet was very impressed with the creativity and the deep understanding of FIBA’s mission to bring Israeli innovation to Tampa Bay by helping Israeli entrepreneurs become successful and creating an eco-system around them.

We look forward to seeing the final plan in a couple of weeks. We enjoy collaborating with our student community and help them get real life experience.

If you are a student or know a student who is looking for a summer internship, please fill out the form:

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