Innovation Fusion Success and Excitement

Innovation Fusion 2017 was a great success with over 300 attendants, a keynote presentation by Jeff Vinik, and an exciting portfolio of Israeli companies featured on stage. However, the real success of last year’s event was revealed in the months following the event, where true partnerships were established as a result of the personal exchange at Innovation Fusion. For StemRad, an innovator in the radiation protection field, a $6 million investment led by Jeff Vinik, renowned investor and Tampa Bay Lightning Chairman and Governor, resulted from a meeting back stage. Thanks to the investment StemRad opened an office in Tampa, hired local employees and is developing a new product line. For Tevatronic, an agriculture tech company in the irrigation space, a first pilot project in the US resulted from meeting Gary Wishnatzki, CEO of WishFarms, at the networking reception. The Tevatronic solution provided insight on water usage that can lead to significant savings during the past strawberry season. We are excited about the upcoming Innovation Fusion event on June 13 8am-1pm. We will have 2 keynote speakers from leading tech companies in Israel and Silicon Valley and a group of very exciting Israeli companies who are already making progress with local entities. Whether improving eldercare through technology, creating ecological solutions that will help our marine ecosystems, enhancing cyber security, or leading the charge in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, the technologies FIBA is bringing from Israel will be changing the world. We look forward to connecting the Tampa Bay community with these Israeli innovators at Innovation Fusion on June 13th. Don’t miss out on a $10 discount if you register by Monday, April 30th. Register now and receive early bird pricing:

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