Synapse Innovation Summit

We are so excited to participate in Synapse Innovation Summit at Tampa’s Amelie arena next week.

We are expecting 2,500+ attendees, 250+ exhibition tables, 56 amazing breakout sessions and some amazing speakers including @IBM Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Bernard Meyerson Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, CEO Dirk Ahlborn, ConnectWise CEO, Arnie Bellini and Lightning Chairman and Governor, Jeff Vinik.

Please visit our Israeli pavilion on the Promenade level to meet StemRad, Nucleon and GlobeKeeper, our newest portfolio company.

Stemrad CEO, Oren Milstein, StemRad Advisor, Dr. Bruce Zweibel and FIBA Executive Director, Rachel Feinman, will discuss the collaboration and future products on Thursday March 29 at 10am on the Main Stage.

Oren will also showcase his radiation protection product on Wednesday March 28 at 5pm in HUB 1.

The FIBA team will also participate in two panel discussions:

Rachel Feinman will discuss FIBA’s unique offering at Meet the Tampa Accelerators panel on Wednesday, March 28 at 4pm

Rakefet Bachur will share insight on Israeli innovation at Connecting Tampa to the World, Thursday March 29 at 10:45am

If you don’t have tickets yet, please use promo code: FIBASYNAPSE18 and get your ticket today:

See you there!

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