Featured 2018 Cohort: ECOncrete

econcrete-startup Dr. Andrew Rella has always been interested in preserving the environment, specifically our oceans, so his position as the CEO of ECOncrete®, Inc. is a natural fit. With a background in Coastal Engineering, particularly with structural engineering, ECOncrete® is the perfect way to marry his goals for sustainability within our ecosystem and his engineering background. After receiving his Bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering and his Masters in Ocean Engineering, Andrew Rella set out for his Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering from the Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology. Researching how oyster reefs on piles could strengthen the structure, while reducing maintenance and increasing the lifespan of that structure, Dr. Rella was introduced to some experts in the field, Israeli Drs. Perkol-Finkel and Sella, the founders of ECOncrete® andleaders in the Ecological Marine Preservation arena. Working together designing, evaluating, and monitoring urban marine infrastructure, Dr. Rella accomplished his Ph.D. and developed a deeper love of the chemistry of structures and biology’s that not only thrive but help these structures. Upon concluding his academic experience in early 2016, Dr. Rella was appointed the CEO of ECOncrete® Inc, the NY based subsidiary of ECOncrete® Tech based in Tel Aviv, Israel. ECOncrete® combines the need to protect our environment, with our populations continued infrastructure growth. The technologies were created to allow this continued growth, but not at the expense of our marine ecosystem. The technologies cater to having organisms grow on them and in turn the organisms biogenic build-up protects and reinforces the concrete. This symbiotic relationship is much like the symbiotic relationship ECOncrete® is experiencing with FIBA now. As part of the 2nd class of cohorts, ECOncrete® and Dr. Rella are excited about the push for US inclusion of their technologies. Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel and Dr. Ido Sella are located in Israel, and Dr. Rella is in the U.S. Already entrenched in the Middle East and European startup communities, ECOncrete® has been working to educate engineers, architects, construction companies, regulators and sustainability corporations about the benefits of their products. Andrew is looking for people involved in coastal construction projects. Dr. Rella and the entire ECOncrete® team is turning their passion into action. FIBA is excited to see where this takes them.

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