Featured 2018 Cohort: Nucleon

With the ever changing cyber security industry playing catch up to hackers and cyber threats, how do you flip the book and become proactive and predictive rather than reactive? Nucleon has found a way. Talking with Roy Heller, the Director of Sales at Nucleon, it is evident how ardent he is about Nucleon and what they can do. Originating in 2013 and in business since 2016, Nucleon is changing the face of cyber security by finding, predicting, and alerting the most dangerous threats in the cyber world. The way cyber threats are evolving at such a rapid rate, most corporations are waiting for the breach, figuring out how to manage the breach, finding the right people the fix the breach and creating a solution for the breach. By the time they have done all that, there is a new breach. It is a self- feeding cycle. Like any forward thinking entrepreneur, Nucleon is stepping out of that cycle. They are predicting the breach before it happens and blocking the attack and they are doing this with artificial intelligence that can keep up with the cyber threats of today. This is a unique and innovating approach and Nucleon is dedicated to bringing it to every corporation around the world. Nucleon “The beauty of the product,” says Roy Heller, the Director of Sales for Nucleon, “is that it is an intelligence feed that compliments the already existing security measures most corporations already have. Companies have the right hardware but sometimes they are missing the correct information to feed the hardware. So they can actually maximize their ROI by adding our feed to their already existing systems.” When asked why the time was right to enter the U.S. market after success in Europe and Asia, Roy makes it a point to say that FIBA made it seem possible. “Entering a new country can be daunting, but FIBA has paved the way with education, mentoring, and connections.” Roy is looking for people who are in charge of a company information security department or in the cyber security field. Roy came to Tampa with his wife, who is originally from Tampa, and his son and can’t say enough good things about Tampa. From the weather to the food to the philanthropic nature to the people, Tampa has become one of his favorite places. FIBA is excited to see what the future holds for Nucleon.

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