New Israeli startups joining FIBA

The second wave of Israeli companies that have been successfully inducted into the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator program and will be working with the FIBA team until the end of June, 2017. Here is a brief summary of the companies: Blazepod Blazepod is a whole new attitude towards exercise. The problem with most exercises is that they’re predictable. BlazePod is here to shake things up. The wireless, portable system uses lights and sensors with pre-programmed exercises to help you increase agility, reaction time and more. You essentially get a Flash Reflex Training system, designed to supercharge your workouts. BlazePod offers hardware (pods) and a sotware application. The pods will communicate with each other and the smartphone app via Bluetooth. Users can run through different training modules and measure their performance down to the millisecond. View their company profile here.   eProc Solutions eProc Solutions is a company that provides solutions for organizations to consolidate and improve aspects of User Environment Management through its platform. It’s tools, Virtual Technician, Performance Management, and Licenses Management, can reduce IT problems for organizations and reduce cost by nearly 40%. View their company profile here.   Tevatronic Tevatronic is an agriculture technology company. The Tevatronic system is fully capable of deciding when and how much to irrigate, and it executes the irrigation decision without human intervention. By removing the element of human error, Tevatronic irrigation prevents under watering and over watering, which has drastically reduced water and fertilizer consumption while increasing yields. The solution uses only the most reliable information taken from the main roots system of the plant. It calculates both the amount of water in various depth of soil and the water consumption behavior of the plants. The system analyses this information and balances the amount of water in the plants autonomously without any user intervention, though user can monitor the process. View their company profile here. Tomobox Tomobox is a customer engagement platform powered by artificially intelligent analytics and smart bots. Using its cloud-based platform, the TomoBox platform analyses customer engagement on online chats to understand and conversate with customers about their experience with your product or service. View their company profile here.   WeissBeerger WeissBeerger is the leading Internet of Things & Big Data solution for breweries, soft drink manufacturers and bars. WeissBeerger bridges the gap between breweries, bars and customers. WeissBeerger’s unique mixture of hardware, software and data analysis is ushering in a new frontier in the beverage industry, defined by data-driven decision-making and efficiency throughout the value chain. It informs manufacturers and bar owners with real-time insight and an understanding of the market in order to optimize pricing, improve operations, increase revenue and create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience. View their company profile here.
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