BlazePod is an interactive technology that is comprised of modular devices and an app that allows the user to exercise in a revolutionary way. Using visual cues and prompts to challenge the user, it enhances workouts through different training modules. The device gives feedback about personal challenges, goals and communicates progress down to milliseconds.

Industry Applications: Fitness, personal training, group training.

Company Objectives: To supercharge individual fitness. The device boasts more than 100 exercises that the user can complete anywhere, such as inside a gym, at home or outside. BlazePod is the first interactive training system available to the mass consumer market.


Company Size: 3

CEO:  Yaniv Shneiderman

Quote from CEO: “I’m excited to work with the FIBA team on creating new game-changing opportunities for BlazePod”.

Quote from Jack Ross: “BlazePod is the first B2C company in FIBA’s initial cohort. There is great momentum in the market for personal fitness performance tracking technologies and BlazePod takes it to the next level. We love the technology and feel we can help Yaniv start selling to the US market by connecting him with the right people and companies.”