Tomobox is a customer engagement platform powered by artificially intelligent analytics and smart bots. Using its cloud-based platform, it analyses customer engagement to understand and conversate with customers about their experience with your product or service.

Industry Applications: Call centers, Customer Support Centers

Company Objectives: Using AI and smart box messaging, to make sure that company’s customers stay engaged and satisfied by understanding customers chat in real-time, and by providing context for engagement, risk mitigation, retention and upsell.


Company Size: 8

CEO: David Sachs

Quote from CEO: “We’d love to have FIBA as a launching pad for our business throughout Florida and the South East.”

Quote from Jack Ross: “TomoBox is a startup company that participated in the Nielsen Innovate incubator in Israel. We are happy to help TomoBox with their preliminary customer acquisition in the US and leverage their experience and network together with the Nielsen Corporation.”