“Turning Drinks into Data,” WeissBeerger is the leading Internet of Things & Big Data solution for breweries, soft drink manufacturers and bars. They have developed a technology-based solution that is a unique mixture of hardware, software and data analysis to meet the needs of beverage manufacturers and their customers (bars, restaurants and other outlets).

Industry Applications: Bars, restaurants, sports arenas, concert venues

Company Objectives: To inform manufacturers with real-time insight and an understanding of the market in order to optimize pricing, improve operations, increase revenue and create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience.


Company Size: 65

CEO: Omer Agiv

Quote from CEO: “We have high hopes that the collaboration with FIBA will have a tremendous impact on WeissBeerger’s entrance to the US market by creating more partnerships with market leaders in the hospitality space.”

Quote from Jack Ross: “We were intrigued by the WeissBeerger technology right away and knew we had strategic partners in the bar, restaurant and major venue industry in the Tampa Bay area who may be very interested in the beverage analytic solution. WeissBeerger is an accomplished company having already achieved great success in the EU. Florida was not on their radar but thanks to our lead, they have added Florida to their launch plan in the US market.”