eProc Solutions


eProc Solutions is a company that provides solutions for organizations to consolidate and improve aspects of User Environment Management through its platform. It’s tools, Virtual Technician, Performance Management, and Licenses Management, can reduce IT problems for organizations and reduce cost by nearly 40%.

Industry Applications: Information technology, performance management and license management in medium size businesses.

Company Objectives: eProc Solutions will change the way it integrates within an organization by consolidating and improving all aspects of user environment management over the eProc platform.


Company Size: 6

CEO: Oren Rosen

Quote from CEO: “A few months ago we made a decision to start business in the US. We had many doubts and concerns about the right way to do that. FIBA’s leadership reinforced our belief that with effective and hard teamwork, we can achieve significant initial US partnerships and sales. We expect to receive high quality business tools and knowledge that will enable us to establish a US operation. As a relatively small start-up company, we understand the great opportunity before us.”

Quote from Jack Ross: “The eProc team has an impressive track record in Israel, selling to the top corporations. We were impressed by their technology, eagerness and readiness to enter the US market. We like working with a team that is open minded and collaborative, and hope to help them meet their goals.”