Tevatronic is an agriculture company. The Tevatronic solution uses only the most reliable information taken from the main roots system of the plant. It calculates both the amount of water in various depth of soil and the water consumption behavior of the plants. The system analyses this information and balances the amount of water in the plants autonomously without any user intervention. By removing the element of human error, Tevatronic irrigation prevents under watering and over watering, which has drastically reduced water and fertilizer consumption while increasing yields.

Industry Applications: Agriculture

Company Objectives: To optimize agricultural irrigation processes, reduce waste and increase farm yields.


Company Size: 8

CEO: Oleg Korol

Quote from CEO: “Our startup is going through an interesting period in its development slowly converting to a sustainable business. One of the great opportunities we get along the way are acceleration programs like FIBA that contribute to our company development. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the FIBA program and hope to get our first foothold in the US with their professional help. We hope to meet a few companies who will become our distribution partners, as well as our first customers who will be willing to upgrade their irrigation methods and achieve better results with their crop.”

Quote from Jack Ross: “Tevatronic is the first agro-tech company in the FIBA portfolio. We are excited to bring Israeli innovation to the agriculture industry in Florida. We are also thrilled to have a company from Ashdod, Tampa’s sister city, in the FIBA Launch program. We met Tevatronic through our relationship with The Hive, a technology accelerator program in Ashdod dedicated to new immigrant entrepreneurs.”