Leveraging state of the art human predictive analytics, Intervyo is the first and most advanced interview simulation engine in the world, capable of screening candidates, and accurately predict their suitability for the job. The problem: Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for any company, but especially for companies with high turnover rate. Recruitment costs are high and placing the wrong candidate can result in additional loss of productivity. The solution: The Intervyo solution allows companies to invite all their candidates for an automated Continue reading →


Say is an engagement platform and a powerful communication system that makes events successful. Say offers engagement, gamification, and meaningful networking using Bluetooth Low Energy responsive tags with an HD screen, that integrates with existing event-apps, providing enhanced experience and data collection. The problem: Event organizers spend a lot of money in order to engage their audience and to deliver the best ROI to each of their stakeholders - sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. They currently use beacons, scanners and more expensive tools that are difficult to Continue reading →


WiseShelf transforms existing shelves into a dynamic inventory management solution for retailers. Using low cost hardware and a sophisticated software, WiseShelf helps stores to manage inventory and fulfill online orders. The Problem: ‘Out of stock’ (OOS) situations cost retailers $550 billion in lost sales annually. OOS leads to 4% in loss of sales. In 1/3 of OOS situations, the product is in the store but not on the shelf. The Solution: The WiseShelf system prevents ‘out of stock’ situations by alerting when stock level gets Continue reading →


An encrypted communication platform centered around an intuitive collaboration interface, GlobeKeeper utilizes standard equipment to create a secure, end-to-end solution that keeps security personnel safe, reduces costs, and enhances decision making capabilities. The Problem: Law Enforcement forces are currently using obsolete equipment, which is not secure and put them in danger. The Solution: GlobeKeeper is a tactical and strategic operational platform that introduces military-grade security and encryption into civilian communication devices, elevating familiar personal communication features to mission-critical standards. GlobeKeeper enables users to transmit live Continue reading →


UC-Care develops, manufactures and sells medical devices for urologists. UC-Care created two products:  1) Navigo System, a fusion navigation system for prostate biopsies. 2) SmartBx System - prostate biopsy preserving download device.   The Problem: Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men in the US after skin cancer. Currently, biopsies for prostate cancer are done with the guidance of an ultrasound, which offers inadequate visibility in addition to inability to identify the exact location of the pathology. Biopsies are known to have side Continue reading →


Using innovative tools Nucleon is the next generation of collecting and analyzing cyber threats. Nucleon constantly monitors attacks coming from professional hackers, governments and other highly skilled professionals that might cause significant damage to networks. By alerting about the source of these attacks Nucleon enables you to block the attacks before they get into your networks. The problem: Cyber Threats are growing every day and cyber attacks become more common and more powerful. The solution: Nucleon is based on innovative technology with tools built to Continue reading →


  ECOncrete developed a revolutionary science-based approach to eco-engineering of coastal and marine infrastructure, providing robust, cost-efficient concrete solutions for the ever-growing global climate change threats such as sea-level rise and superstorms. ECOncrete mission is to change the way our future coastlines look and function, through a suite of proprietary bio-enhancing concrete products and designs that increase the ecological value of breakwaters, seawalls, pier piles and alike, while improving their structural performance.     The Problem: To date, urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure have been Continue reading →


BetterCare’s vision is to enable smooth, real-time communication between caregivers, nurses & professional staff in order to improve care at nursing homes. The Problem: The communication between nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in skilled nursing facilities across shifts with high turnover staff is very challenging. There is a great need for point of care (POC) information to be consistently disseminated to all caregivers and easily collected from them in a timely way. With multiple caregivers taking care of a group of residents in one Continue reading →

FIBA reflects on the success of Innovation Fusion 2017

  On June 22nd, FIBA welcomed the Tampa Bay business and entrepreneurial communities to the Bryan Glazer Family JCC to its inaugural event, Innovation Fusion: A Collaborative Exchange. With over 300 guests in attendance, the afternoon was filled with learning, networking and an engaging discussion surrounding local and global innovation. Some of the special guests and FIBA supporters who attended the event included State Senator, Dana Young; Tampa Police Chief, Eric Ward; and Hillsborough County Commissioner, Sandy Murman. Mayor Bob Buckhorn, who was not able Continue reading →