Wishing well to Saru Seshadri

From our beginning, Saru Seshadri has been one of the architect’s of FIBA’s innovative strategy. This week, we thank Saru for his leadership, vision, and commitment and wish him lots of success as he moves on to pursue his next professional chapter. 

As FIBA’s Chief Operations Officer and Entrepreneur In Residence, Saru’s mark is on every part of our program. He helped design a unique program that maximizes opportunities for growth-stage Israeli businesses here in Tampa Bay. Saru applied his years of experience successfully building, scaling and selling businesses to ask tough, pointed questions of the companies FIBA recruited, pushing them to improve and excel. The cohort companies benefited from Saru’s technical knowledge and coaching to adapt their product and presentations and guide them on effectively building a team. He assisted with business development by making personal introductions to potential allies on behalf of the cohort companies.

“Saru fully embraced the role FIBA places in the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem and worked with dedication to help FIBA and its companies achieve their goals, “ said Rachel Feinman, FIBA’s Executive Director.

“The effort to build FIBA from the ground-up has been an enriching and unique experience. It has provided me an opportunity to contribute to the Tampa bay ecosystem. I am sure FIBA will change the skyline of Tampa and Florida. I will continue to be a friend of FIBA and assist in amplifying its efforts,” said Saru Seshadri.

All of us at FIBA thank Saru for his hard work, and look forward to continuing work with him as a mentor and friend.

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