Featured on MyNews13.com: Israeli Company Hopes to Send its Radiation-Proof Vests to ISS

FLORIDA — Some of the deals that Gov. Ron DeSantis put into place during his trip to Israel are already being put into action, including possible radiation-proof vests for astronauts.

  • Radiation-proof vests will be sent to the International Space Station
  • Israeli space company will open a new office in Tampa
  • Planned first mission to the moon since the Apollo missions in 1972
  • Find out more about the radiation-proof vests here

Florida has some lucrative assets for trade, which includes the gateway to space. Cape Canaveral and its launch pads will send private sector payloads into orbit.

An Israeli space entrepreneur is looking to send his company’s radiation-proof vests to the International Space Station from Cape Canaveral.

“Our AstroRad radiation vest is manifested on that mission, which is the first mission to the moon since the Apollo missions in 1972, and we’re one of the highlights of this mission,” said Oren Milstein the CEO of StemRad.

“We feel that this will be the catalyst for future Orion missions that will eventually take us to the moon for landing, for living there, and ultimately to Mars,” he continued.

It is not just the Space Coast in line to benefit. During the trade mission, Milstein announced that his company StemRad will be opening a new office in Tampa this fall.

Read the full Spectrum News 13 article here.

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