Tevatronic Update

Tevatronic participated in the first cohort of companies to join FIBA. An agricultural-technology company that optimizes the irrigation processes, reduces waste, and increases farm yields, Tevatronic has been full steam ahead since starting the FIBA program. Over the last year Tevatronic improved and polished their sales pitch in Kentucky, increased their pool of customers in Israel and abroad, visited similar agricultural businesses in Pennsylvania, been to numerous tradeshows to present their ideas in Ireland, Austria, Russia and Kazakhstan, and visited numerous farms around the US to learn about farming practices in the US and educate about autonomous irrigation.

Most recently Tevatronic team Oleg Korol and Ilan Komarovsky attended the Irrigation Show 2017 in Orlando with their sales booth in tow. They were able to meet every large Irrigation Company and not only trade contact information but also ideas. But even more exciting, Tevatronic is negotiating with a local Florida strawberry farm that is looking to start a pilot project with their technology. The name of the game is Smart Farming and Tevatronic is on the fast track to bringing it to the U.S. We look forward to the next updates from Tevatronic’s team.

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