Every year around this time thoughts turn to what we are thankful for. Being thankful for our family and friends and loved ones are givens, but after the inaugural year of FIBA, the idea of connections that we have been focusing on is at the forefront of the list of items to be thankful for. The connection FIBA has with Israel is something to be thankful for. The creativity and innovative thinking that is being brought to the US from Israel through FIBA makes us very thankful. It reminds us that although there is an ocean between us we are all very much connected. We are thankful in a time of violence and division these connections stay strong and inspiring. We are thankful for our amazing 8 companies that are going to make a real difference in the world and we are thankful for the innovators at the forefront of those companies, who are leading the charge in the tech industry with determination and strength. Most importantly, FIBA exists and strives only thanks to our leadership, our community and our political friends. We thank our supporters, donors, friends and colleagues who have helped FIBA this year monetarily, with connections, and their ideas and advice. May you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving.

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