Connecting with the community

In the spirit of connecting, the FIBA team has been busy over the past couple of weeks, connecting with the community of Tampa Bay. Check out where we’ve been. October 17th: Pam Miniati and Rakefet Bachur were invited to speak about the startup nation, at the annual sisterhood dinner event at Congregation Beth Shalom in Clearwater. With a friendly audience of close to 80 women members of the congregation, Pam and Rakefet provided an entertaining presentation about new technologies coming from Israel, the innovative culture in Israel and what FIBA is doing to bring Israeli startups to the Tampa Bay area. October 25th: The FIBA team participated in a networking event with the Dreamit team and the Tampa entrepreneurial community during a celebration of the kickoff of the UrbanTech program at Ulele in downtown Tampa. The team was excited to meet with Daniel Farb, an American-Israeli entrepreneur, who was accepted to the Dreamit program with his urban wind turbines technology, Flower Turbines. October 27th: FIBA was excited to host Homebrew Hillsborough, a morning networking event for entrepreneurs and small business owners organized by Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation. The event drew 30 guests who visited the FIBA office and the Bryan Glazer Family JCC for the first time and were interested in FIBA’s work with Israel and in opportunities to collaborate. If you are a member of a community organization and would like to offer a presentation about the startup nation to your group, or if you are interested in joining our mentor network or welcome committee, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact us at

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