Startups Are In Our Blood

Pam Miniati Pam Miniati Pam Miniati thought she was going to be a lawyer. It was the natural progression after finishing college with a degree in American Studies. She interned with a non-profit and then quickly transitioned into a Staff Assistant for a Congressman who worked closely with the Banking and Arts industry. But it was when she left to work for Senator Patty Murray as the Chief Legislative Correspondent and she saw how many organizations were asking for increased funding with little to no accountability of how they used the money, that she changed her mind about her future. This drive to find the accountability sent her to business school. After earning her MBA in Finance, Marketing and Policy Studies from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Pam worked in the healthcare field, as a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young, increasing the efficiencies of delivering care to many people. Often finding herself at the beginning of a great idea, Pam worked for several startups. “In the 2000’s, in California, everything was a start-up. If you had an idea for change…you pursued it. It was a very exciting time.” One startup project took her from the east coast to the west coast to implement a first-of-its-kind shared services organization to deliver non-clinical services to a 48-hospital system in three states. Not long after that project, Pam dove into the era and worked for a Silicon Valley-based provider of supply chain management solutions for hospitals and their suppliers. The years of working for startups gives Pam a unique perspective at FIBA as the Cohort Manager. She understands what it’s like for our companies to come to a new location, with a new idea and try and make connections. At FIBA, Pam builds a customized program for the Israeli companies to grow their business in the US.  She connects the Israeli companies with mentors and subject matter experts in the Tampa community to help them expand their network.  She’s been in their shoes making new relationships with potential shareholders and customers. It’s this understanding that makes Pam’s position at FIBA such a perfect fit. She knows what they need to do to succeed in a new market and can offer them support both literally and figuratively. FIBA was created to help high-tech companies reach their full potential and Pam has the background and experience to help that happen.

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