Our Newest Entrepreneur…Rachel Feinman

Rachel Marks Feinman Rachel Marks Feinman Continuing our series on Entrepreneurship, today’s blog focuses on our newest addition at FIBA…Rachel Feinman. Rachel has been appointed FIBA’s Executive Director. As with Jack Ross, it was not suprising to hear a common theme when discussing how Rachel ended up at FIBA. There was that same drive to do something meaningful with each work day, the same desire to make a difference, the same connection to Israel, and that same entrepreneurial spirit. Rachel decided at a young age that she was going to be an attorney and no amount of coaxing by her two attorney parents to broaden her scope could deter her. During an internship in law school working in private equity M&A, Rachel found her calling. For 15 years Rachel has worked as a transactional lawyer, helping clients achieve their business goals and learning what motivates them. After a while, Rachel realized the most rewarding part of her job was understanding her clients’ businesses but, not surprisingly, Rachel’s role was more limited and transactional in nature.  After completing a particular project or deal, Rachel often wouldn’t hear from a client  for long stretches of time. While this essentially meant she did a good job on her end, Rachel wanted more interaction and involvement. Thus, Rachel ended up at FIBA. A great place to cultivate relationships, mentor start-ups, and work with private investors to foster a connection to Israel and enhance Tampa’s entrepreneurial community. Since Rachel’s Spring semester of college in Jerusalem, she has felt a deep connection to Israel. Now it is her job to maintain that connection to the local community. FIBA is very lucky to have found Rachel and is excited at what her expertise can bring to the organization. For more about Rachel and her newest endeavour, Click Here.

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