Featured on StPeteCatalyst.com Israeli firms focused on food waste, drone detection, construction among the FIBA class of 2019

The 12 Israeli companies, with technology to address the retail, security, construction and healthcare sectors, have collectively raised $35 million and are looking to raise an additional $35 million to fund expansion of U.S. operations. Rachel Feinman, executive director, FIBA, at the Synapse Summit 2019 It’s the third year for the FIBA program, which is designed to move the needle and advance the area’s tech ecosystem, Rachel Feinman, FIBA executive director, said at the Synapse Summit last week. “We’re pleased to report that 30 percent of the companies that have come through our program in the last two years continue to make an impact in our local economy by hiring here, opening offices, using local advisors and service providers,” Feinman said.

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