As seen on “The ultimate guide to US investor programs in Israeli startups”

Many VCs, accelerators and programs have sprung up to help Israeli startups enter the US market, raise money and scale their operations in the United States.

Whether those entrepreneurs are first-time Israeli companies or second-time founders seeking market entry, there are funding opportunities from New York to the San Francisco Bay Area.


Florida Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA)

The Florida Israel Business Accelerator works to bring Israeli startups to the Sunshine State, and parlays resources to connect startups with partners, investors and advisers in the Tampa Bay area.

FIBA’s work is reflective of how emerging tech ecosystems outside the coasts are looking to Israeli startups to help them build their ecosystems. The program is led by Rachel Marks Feinmanin the Tampa Bay area, is supported by the local Jewish Federation and works with VCs such as JANVEST Capital Partners.

Read the full list at here. 

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