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FIBA Impact 2016 - Q1 2023

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FIBA 2.0

After nearly seven years of success in launching high-tech companies from Israel into the U.S. market, as well as highlighting Israeli innovation throughout the State of Florida and beyond, FIBA has elected to embark upon the next logical step in its evolutionary journey as an international economic development platform with the creation of one or more venture funds.

To this end, in early 2023 FIBA Services Inc., a for-profit subsidiary of the Tampa JCCs and Federation, signed a Term Sheet with renown international investment group, Ark Invest. Discussions are currently underway to create a venture fund that seeks to bring together Ark Invest’s investment prowess together with FIBA’s commercialization and engagement success to form a dynamic venture fund for investment in high-tech ventures in Israel and other countries yet to be determined.

More details will be published when available. Stay tuned…

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In 2022-23 FIBA is committed to helping Florida’s #1 industry address its main challenge: labor shortage. FIBA will curate Israeli innovation that can create operational efficiencies, automate tasks and connect between employers and employees and operators and their customers using robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. FIBA is building a network of hospitality industry partners such as restaurant groups and hotels that are actively looking for solutions and are open to adopting technology.

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As seen on Tampa Bay Times: “Meet the Tampa women building a business pipeline from Israel to Florida”.

There’s a lot more awareness and interest in Florida, and specifically Tampa Bay, than we have ever seen before. Now we don’t really need to do a lot of outreach. Israelis have discovered Florida and are coming here, and we’re happy to support them. View article


Tampa is becoming a hot market for tech startups, and one local nonprofit is eyeing companies in Israel to help solve problems businesses in Florida and beyond may be facing. Watch story

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