FIBA’s Fall Connect Draws Big Crowd

Climate issues, labor shortages and the demise of Florida’s citrus crops are impacting how Florida’s agricultural business will thrive in the future, according to a panel of experts at Tuesday night’s fall Connection to Innovation event, hosted by FIBA. Then event focused on innovation in agriculture. Featured speakers from a range of agricultural businesses in […]

StemRad Vest launched into space Nov 2

FIBA’s StemRad Israeli start-up sent its radiation shield to the International Space Station in November. NASA is testing the vests in space to find ways to protect astronauts from deep space radiation. It also marks the first time the Israeli flag has ever been aboard an International Space Station. The two female Astronauts are testing […]

Innovation Fusion 2019 Recap

On May 22nd, the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator welcomed the Tamp Bay community to the Bryan Glazer Family JCC for its 3rd annual Innovation Fusion: How technology is Changing Sports. Like last year, the event was a sold-out, seated dinner. The evening began with what events hosted at the JCC do best: heavy networking over cocktails […]

FIBA Israel Trip 2019: An Immersion Into the Startup Nation

Last week FIBA led a group of business leaders, investors and community members on an unforgettable trip to explore the startup nation firsthand. The dual purpose of the trip was to immerse the participants in the Israeli eco-system to learn best practices to nurture entrepreneurship and to show FIBA’s Israeli partners what Tampa Bay has […]

We’re ready for you, 2019!

It’s safe to say that 2018 was an incredible year for the FIBA team. It seems the theme we are bringing into 2019 is “doubling”; we are leaving 2018 and entering 2019 with double the amount of applicants, double the amount of selected companies, and thus, double the amount of employees! We hit the ground running recruiting […]