MassChallenge HealthTech Announces 2021 Cohort of Top Digital Health Startups

Featuring FIBA company Agamon. 

Boston, Mass. (December 17, 2020) – MassChallenge HealthTech today announced the 30 digital health startups that will join its 2021 cohort. MassChallenge HealthTech invites the community to meet the 2021 cohort at its virtual MassChallenge Verticals Opening Night, an introduction to the digital health and financial technology cohorts on January 13. 

“This year’s MassChallenge HealthTech cohort is our most competitive and diverse group to date – we closed our application season with more than 380 incredible applicants from more than 35 countries and 210 cities,” said Nick Dougherty, Managing Director of MassChallenge HealthTech. “The 30 startups represent some of the world’s most innovative businesses that are transforming healthcare. We are excited about what our entrepreneurs will accomplish with their Champion partners in this upcoming program year.”…

To date, approximately 115 startups have participated in MassChallenge HealthTech. These alumni have raised more than $459M in funding, generated more than $52M in revenue, created over 1,250 jobs, and impacted millions of patient lives. More details on the 2020 program’s impact can be found here.


4Blind (Moscow, Russian Federation) – 4Blind company conducts research, create and produce innovative devices for improvement of quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people.

Agamon (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Agamon extracts meaningful, actionable data from the unstructured text of medical reports–improving care & automating workflows… 

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