Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jack Ross

When FIBA was created in 2016 the vision was to transform the Tampa Bay area into a nationally recognized hub of high-tech enterprise by attracting Israeli startups to the region. In our inaugural year, we have worked with eight startups in trying to meet that goal and vision. One startup has far exceeded that vision. StemRad is going to change the world…and is already well on its way. StemRad has developed the world’s only solution to protecting individuals from lethal gamma radiation. With the goal of protecting first responders, the military, medical professionals, and astronauts in deep space, StemRad has created a unique technology solution that has revolutionized Personal Protective Equipment. The product uniqueness, patentability, and lack of competition in the marketplace made the decision for Jack Ross to professionally and personally get involved a no brainer. Jack Ross is the epitome of a social entrepreneur and of FIBA. He is unabashedly driven by his passion to make a difference in the local community, the Jewish community and the world. Jack calls StemRad a game changer. Not just in the business world, but for mankind. Jack has spent his entire professional career working towards the betterment of his community. Whether serving as the Academic Liaison for the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC or immigrating to Israel and serving an abbreviated military service for new immigrants in the Israel Defense Forces, Jack has stayed true to his calling to connect Israel with the United States. Over the past six years Jack has worked with the Jewish Community Center in Tampa. He served as the Project Director for development of the Bryan Glazer Family JCC and served as the Executive Director. In 2016, Jack co-founded FIBA (Florida-Israel Business Accelerator) with the intent of changing the face of Jewish communal work. And with StemRad it seems he has. In Jack’s new adventure at StemRad, he is the Vice President of North American Operations, quarterbacking the organization in the United States. With the excitement of how far reaching the StemRad products can extend, Jack is as optimistic as you can be about his newest endeavor and for StemRad the future is bright.

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