Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship seems to be everywhere these days. Startups coming out of the woodwork to capture the same success as Zuckerburg. But the goal of the entrepreneur isn’t necessarily to take the world by storm with the next big thing. In it’s simplest definition it is someone who operates a business with more financial risk, but the philosophical understanding is so much more. An entrepreneur is someone with a vision of an idea that is bigger than themselves. Someone who has a dream and takes those steps to accomplish it. Entrepreneurs are visionaries and dreamers. They are philosophers and inventors. They are leaders in their industries who focus on the big picture. The reality is that being a start-up is hard and a dream alone won’t make it a success. FIBA set out to help the dreamers. We look for those visionaries and leaders and create the bridge to fulfill their goals. Our focus is on helping to make those important connections so that the creators can keep creating and in doing so, we hope to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit both in Israel and here at home.

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