FIBA Corporate Partner Challenge: Jabil CTO Summit 2020

 On June 18th, five Israeli companies presented to 70 CTOs and other Executives during Jabil’s quarterly CTO Summit. The event which was planned as an in-person event in St. Pete was converted to a virtual event and both Israeli entrepreneurs and Jabil execs joined in from their home office. For those not familiar, Jabil is a worldwide manufacturing services company providing supply chain and logistic services across many verticals, headquartered in St. Petersburg. Jabil is a Fortune 200 company and is known as one of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay area.

One of the goals of the summit was to develop Jabil’s technology roadmap, with this particular summit focusing on new solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for medical devices, smart homes, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, etc.

  FIBA partnered with Jabil in 2019 to search and recruit 10-15 Israeli companies with innovation capabilities in these areas. The companies submitted an application and interviewed with the FIBA team. Then a team from Jabil reviewed the applications and selected the five finalists. FIBA coordinated participation with the Israelis and conducted pitch rehearsals with each company.

The five  Israeli companies that presented at the summit include: Atomation, Castor, Biobeat Technologies LTD., BeyondMinds and TouchWand LTD. The event started with a panel discussion moderated by FIBA Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Rakefet Bachur-Phillips. Then each company gave a concise 15-minute presentation with a focus on their technology and success stories with proven implementation results. The event ended with Q&A with live questions from the audience.

  The feedback on  the collaboration has been overwhelmingly positive, with many new connections and follow-up conversations to be had and new doors opened. FIBA strives to execute more incredible opportunities with local partners with a focus on different industries that dominate Florida. Stay tuned for our upcoming corporate partner challenge in the AgTech space with The Florida Department of Agriculture set to take place in November 2020. Sign up for our newsletter at to receive announcements regarding this exciting event.


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